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Composition Chaque 100 g :
Graisses saturées-----------19 g
Monoisaturée----------------45 g
Graisses Poly insaturée-----35 g
Glucides-----------------------00 g
Oméga 9-------------------46.2 %
Oméga 6-------------------35.5 %
Oméga 3-------------------00.1 %
Cholestérol-------------------00 g
Sodium------------------------00 g
Vitamine E (tocophérole)--0.7 g
Energie 828 K Calories (3400 k joules)





































































































































































































Argan Receipts



Salads of sweet peppers and tomatoes:

3 sweet pepperss

3 tomatoes

3 big spoons of lemon juice

1 small spoon of cumin

2 spoons with soup of the oil of argan

1 small onion

 Roast sweet peppers, peel them, and cut them into small dice. Peel tomatoes and cut them into dice.Cut onion into small pieces. Add lemon-yellow, salt, cumin, oil of argan and to be served fresh



2  tomatoes well in flesh
2 balls of mozzarella
3 anchovies with oil
1cl of Argan oil, salt, ground white pepper.
Cut tomatoes and the mozzarella into slices.
Lay out anchovies and their oil on the set. Season. Then pour a small quantity of argan oe


POTATO SALAD with the GOAT meat. (25 mn)

6 potatoes
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
500 G of fresh goat's meat.
Cider vinegar
Salt, pepper.
Cook six large potatoes with the skin in ebullient water salted, during approximately 20 minutes. PeelThem.
In a salad bowl, cut potatoes out of slices
Then, rinkle them still tepid with a spoon with vinegar soup of cider and two spoons with oil soup of Argan oil.
Add a large soft onion finely chopped and a chopped
Clove of garlic. Add alt and pepper. Strew with pieces of fresh goat's meat
And decorate with chive

SALAD OF HOT goat s cheese entrée 15min

2 pieces of goat s cheese Chavignol - 4 toast slices- 1 curly salad - 1 paprika pinch - Oil of Argan - a spoon of honey.For vinaigrette: oil and vinegar of Jerez, salt and ground white pepper. Wash salad, Slice it thinly.

Then draw up it in individual plates. Cross into two pieces of goat s cheese. Then successively soak them in the oil of argan and honey. Season salad. To preheat the furnace with 180°. Place droppings on the toasts. Make gild a few minutes’ pieces of cheese with the furnace (without dissolving them) on the toasts. To be used hot on the plates of salad.

Boilers eggs

6eggs - 50 G of Parmesan or cheese grated -100 G of fresh cream - flat parsley and tarragon. To

Butter six small individual dishes of ramekin type adapted to cooking with the furnace. Pour in each one a beautiful spoon with soup of whole fresh cream, a small spoon of flat parsley and tarragon chopped an egg. salt and pepper, strew with grated cheese or Parmesan chips. Make cook with the furnace with the double boiler (7/8 minutes thermostat 6). Add a small oil spoon of argan on each ramekin before being served

ORANGE SALADS (Desserts 10 mn)
6 oranges - 8 dates - juice of an orange - flower of orange tree - 2 spoons with brown sugar – cinnamon powder - Oil of argan. Peel four beautiful oranges, remove the white skin well. Cut into very fine slices and put in a salad bowl. Add dates stoned and cut into two in the direction length. Sprinkle with the juice of two other oranges and ½ spoon of flower of orange tree. powder with the brown sugar and a pinch with powder cinnamon. Sprinkle with a spoon of argan oil and to be used very fresh.

Les plates


Mussels with tomatoes

 Make boil 2 water glasses in a saucepan and throw the mussels in boiling water and cover. When the moulds all are opened, to drain and let warm to be able to peel. In a saucepan, make heat 5 spoon of the oil of argan, and then make return slightly 2 chopped onions, a clove of garlic crushed. Add 5 peeled and chopped tomatoes, 1 spoon of sweet pepper, 2 spoons of corianders chopped salt and pepper. Add the mussels peeled, to make cook 30 min with cover by adding water so necessary

SALMON TARTAR (platet 30 mn)
800 G of salmon fillet - 4 average oysters - 1 lemon - Oil of argan - 1 bundle of chive - salt and ground white pepper - Oil of argan. Finely chop salmon without the skin and remove the edges. Open oysters, of to throw the juice and to make them macerate 2-3 minutes in a bowl with a lemon juice. Chop with the knife. To chop chive finely. To mix the whole. To season and finish with three spoons with oil soup of argan. To be useful with natural chips or jumped apples and/or a salad of mescluns, slightly aromatized of oil of argan and chiveg


500 G of extra-fresh fatty liver- 200 G of grape (fresh) or apples or figs - 50 G of flour - 50 G of butter - salt and ground white pepper - Oil of argan. Cross in one centimetre thickness slices in through liver. Salt and pepper the slices then flour and peel the grapes or apples or figs. make gild with the frying pan all softly
To make gild scallops of liver without fat content, with sharp fire: 1 maximum mn. Draw up on the plates the fruits and the cooked liver. Add small quantity of argan oil. 


Fillet OF COD with herbs (plate 20 mn)

1cod of 800 G in fillets - Oil of argan - vinegar of Jerez - 1 tomato - 1 boot of dill - 1 bundle of parsley - 1 boot of tarragon - groundnut oil - salt, pepper. Chop herbs finely then add tomatoes in small dice. Add a spoon of argan oil and vinegar of Jerez. Make cook the cod fillets side skin in groundnut oil then add herbs seasoned over.


TROUT WITH the ALMONDS (Dish 20 mn)

4 trouts - 200 G of almonds - salt, white pepper ground - Oil of argan - groundnut oil - flour - butter - salt, pepper. Make roast almonds with share in a frying pan with a little groundnut oil. Empty and wash trouts.flour, salt and pepper them. Cook with the frying pan with the groundnut oil. Remove and reserve them in a dish. To put in the frying pan roasted almonds, butter and a spoon of groundnut oil. Let cook a few moments. After having served trouts: on the fillets raised on the plates of the guests, distribute almonds and finish by a small quantity of argan oil.

TUNA TARTAR (starter 30 mn)
800-900 G of blue fin tuna - 2 shallots - 1 flat bunch of parsley - 1 small boot of tarragon - English mustard - wine vinegar - Oil of argan - salt, pepper. Finely chop with the knife tuna, without the skin. Mix with two large finely chopped shallots, a small flat bunch of parsley and º of boot of fresh tarragon finely engraved with the scissors. Mix in a salad bowl with a small English mustard spoon, juice of a lemon, two spoons of argan oil, black pepper and salt. For a pretty presentation, mould individual portions in a ramekin. Have with the medium each plate and decorate with very fine lemon slices, branches of dill and parsley, tomatoes cherry and salad thin straps

GARLIC squids AND PEPPER (plate or starter 10 mn

1 kg of clean squids - 1 head of garlic – 2 cl of sunflower oil - Oil of argan - 2 peppers birds (strong) - salt and white pepper. Cut into slices the squids. Crush a pepper (or 2). To add the sunflower oil, to salt, pepper and add garlic in plates. Make cook the squids in this spiced and garlic oil, make them bound and add a small quantity of oil at the time of being served. To be served accompanied by rice. This receipt without accompaniment can also make an excellent starter

Quick lunch

Like Berbers, soak pieces of bread hot or roasted in the oil of argan and paste honey. Amlou Beldi paste creams (100%naturelle) made up of oil of culinary Argan, honey and plundered almonds

Mode of use
It is consumed in greediness with the spoon to accompany the toast by the breakfast or pancakes of afternoon tea .it are well known for its aphrodisiac properties.










































































































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