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Composition Chaque 100 g :
Graisses saturées-----------19 g
Monoisaturée----------------45 g
Graisses Poly insaturée-----35 g
Glucides-----------------------00 g
Oméga 9-------------------46.2 %
Oméga 6-------------------35.5 %
Oméga 3-------------------00.1 %
Cholestérol-------------------00 g
Sodium------------------------00 g
Vitamine E (tocophérole)--0.7 g
Energie 828 K Calories (3400 k joules)






































The story of argan oil :

There is a country where nature has transmitted her humility and generosity to men. It’s a country of astonishingly splendid and rich scenery bathed in dazzling light. In this mosaic of panorama there is a magnificent knotted venerated tree considered as a protector that contains a beauty secret. In Morocco this country of contrasts, the argan-tree spreads out its privileged domain. It’s in this country where the people possess the ruggedness and beauty of their land that this tree has chosen to resist, seeming to be reincarnated from its own skeleton. Nowhere else in the word can you find argan oil, only the women of the argan orchard know how to extract the precious little known juice with precise gestures, as if jealously protecting it. With this desire to share so characteristic of Morocco, Arganchtouka has chosen to offer you the exceptional properties of argan oil.

Properties and benefits:

 The composition of argan, a most stable unique oil, endows it with many benefits which are scientifically proved today. Argan oil presents an exceptional percentage of essential fatty acids, one of which is linoleic acid (the most essential of all) ensuring the functions of repair and defence of the skin. They stimulate intracellular oxygenation and thus favour the restoration of the hydrolipidic film by increasing the nutriment content of cutaneous cells and ensuring the indispensable moisturizing of the skin.
The essential fatty acids fight against drying and the loss of elasticity which encourage the appearance of wrinkles. The skin gains suppleness, elasticity and tonicity and becomes more resistant.
This beneficial action against cutaneous ageing is reinforced by a very high content in Vitamin E (tocopherols) hydrating and healing, but especially one of the most powerful biological antioxyders which neutralizes the free radicals. Vitamin E protects the cell membranes against lipid oxydization and thus slows down the process of skin agein

By its triple action, regenerating, hydrating and anti-oxydizing, argan oil is a complete and performing skin care, a natural authentic fluid dedicated to the beauty and health of the skin


If we often hear that argan oil is "miraculous" it is because it has always been used in the Moroccan pharmacopoeia to cure many ills: it relieves rhumatism, heals slight burns, acne, chicken-pox, chapping and presents an undeniable dietetical interest because of its oleic-linoleic characteristic. Veronique Prévost knows the secrets of nature and plants very well. For her the virtues of argan oil are obviously not due to a miracle ! " Empirically known for thousands of years, the benefits of argan oil are today scientifically proved. They reside in a composition of unsaturated fatty acids (essentially linoleic acid) with the functions of defence and repair of the epithelium, but also very rich in tocopherols (vitamin E) moisturizers and very strong antioxydants. In the insaponifiable fraction of argan oil, research has shown the presence of phytosterols (active, healing and protecting) carotenes and antioxidant polyphenols in addition to tocopherols. Argan oil also contains squalene, a very hydrating* substance that normalizes skin pealing whence the interest of using it as hair care. In addition argan oil has a remarkable facility of penetration and does not provokes comedons ". *moisturising of the upper layers of the skin


Associated with 100% natural active elements, it is the major ingredient of innovating and performing formulae, elaborated to bring gentleness and pleasure to your body, thanks to a new line of cosmetic care developed for your beauty and well being
































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