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Composition Chaque 100 g :
Graisses saturées-----------19 g
Monoisaturée----------------45 g
Graisses Poly insaturée-----35 g
Glucides-----------------------00 g
Oméga 9-------------------46.2 %
Oméga 6-------------------35.5 %
Oméga 3-------------------00.1 %
Cholestérol-------------------00 g
Sodium------------------------00 g
Vitamine E (tocophérole)--0.7 g
Energie 828 K Calories (3400 k joules)










































Cosmetic Benefits :

Natural, authentic Perfect Oil Pure Argan helps to combat successfully against skin-ageing. A powerful remedial of the imbalance and lack in essential fatty acids, it revives the vital functions of the skin, acts effectively against upper skin layer drying and tissue-slackening while restoring the hydrolipidic layer. The skin is nourished strengthened and gains in pulp.
Perfect Oil’s exceptional richness in vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxydant, allows the skin to fight against the aggression of the free radicals produced by skin-ageing and protects the cells from destructive oxydation. The ageing process is slowed down. The skin becomes more dynamic and the depth of wrinkles diminishes.

Greaseless and odourless, Perfect Oil is a complete anti-age care, regenerating, restructuring and protecting the skin’s youth capital. After a few applications the cutaneous relief is tonified, the skin is supple and soft, the complexion becomes brighter.

Extra vierge pure argan oil odourless.
100% natural. All types of skin.


 FACE : Massage delicately a few drops of Perfect Oil on face and neck previously cleansed preferably every evening for 1 month, after the application of the Perfect Radiance Mask or when the skin feels the need.
BODY : After the bath or a peeling, warm the oil in your hands and massage your body with upward movements. 2 or 3 times a week.
Spread from the roots to the ends and leave for about an hour before shampooing. Dry and brittle hair recovers brilliance and suppleness. Once a week. For all types of skin 





Savon blanc à base d'argan
Savon doux à base de l’huile d’argan pour un soin de visage recommandé pour toutes les peaux, un savon riche en vitamine E, il apporte une hydratation et une douceur aux peux fragiles.

Le saviez-vous ?
L’arganier, arbre emblématique du sud marocain (Argania spinosa, « arbre de fer ») se développe dans les terres rouge-ocre caractéristiques du cœur du désert. Véritable source de vie, il offre son ombre et son feuillage au bétail, et à l’homme son bois et ses fruits charnus d’où est extraite l’huile d’argan, véritable secret de beauté ancestral des femmes marocaines. Adulte, l’arganier mesure de 8 à 10 mètres de haut, et peut vivre 150 à 200 ans. En 1999, l’UNESCO a classé l’arganier au patrimoine mondial.






































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