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Composition Chaque 100 g :
Graisses saturées-----------19 g
Monoisaturée----------------45 g
Graisses Poly insaturée-----35 g
Glucides-----------------------00 g
Oméga 9-------------------46.2 %
Oméga 6-------------------35.5 %
Oméga 3-------------------00.1 %
Cholestérol-------------------00 g
Sodium------------------------00 g
Vitamine E (tocophérole)--0.7 g
Energie 828 K Calories (3400 k joules)











































Argan oil has a strong and wild taste. In the Berber tradition, it plays an important role in the preparation of choice meals : used plain and pure, with bread or joined in seasonings.

It is used in salads, tagines, couscous, to marinate roasted peppers and tomatoes, and to enhance semolina dishes. It also features in the preparation of amlou , a delightful treat to serve guests (a mixture of argan oil, crushed almonds, and honey), and reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities!

Recently, argan oil has entered European cuisine, introduced by grand chefs, inspired by its original flavor. We may experience its flavor at the base of a great range of seasonings, often associated with fish dishes, or in flavorful meat dishes or carpaccios. We can also appreciate it combined with a strong, preferably demi sec (half dry) cheese or use it to marinate a tender goat cheese along with some fresh coriander.,

Health Benefits:

Argan oil's health properties are due to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid. The latter is of the Omega 6 family, called "Essential Omega", because it is indispensable to the healthy functioning of our organism, which can't synthesize it through its own means. It must therefore be supplied through our diet.
Oleic acid plays a regulating role in our metabolism of lipids and cholesterol. Important derivatives result from its transformation, for example, those which help constitute the protective sheath of myelin surrounding the nerve fibers.
Linoleic acid (Omega 6) is indispensable to life, playing an essential role in maintaining the health of the skin (elasticity and wound healing), and the integrity of intracellular organite membranes. A deficiency in Omega-6 leads to problems in growth, renal functions and arterial tension, as well as skin lesions. Linoleic acid helps prevent cardiovascular illnesses and contributes in the lowering of high cholesterol levels. This oil is also rich in tocopherols which work like vitamin E : the most powerful antioxydant agent, which neutralizes free radicals, and has the protective effect of oil against oxydation.



Organic Traditional Virgin Argan Oil




Transparent Glass Bottle of40 ml :



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 Crunchy Amlou

Made from organic almonds, wild-crafted Argan oil and organic honey, Amlou is a traditional delicacy among the Berber community in southern Morocco eaten as a luxurious spread with bread for breakfast or tea. Its combination of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals make it not only a delicious but also a healthy start to the day. Prescribed by herbalists as an aphrodisic!
 glass of 200 ml



































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